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Welcome to the National Library of Nigeria

We have built a conduisive environment for your research and reading pleasure see our State Branches. Also we have build a virtual library service for your comfort. Visit our virtual library services.

Hello Reader, Welcome to the National Library of Nigeria.

As the Apex library of the Nation, we are committed to the collection of all published materials in Nigeria as well as materials published by Nigerians anywhere in the world and about Nigeria, making same available to readers both in physical/hard copies in our branches and in digital formats globally through the national virtual library.

As a repository library, the organisation shall continually strive to ensure that the resources in our custody, which are our nation’s intellectual heritage, are preserved not just for today’s purpose and use but also for the use of the generations to come. Please feel free to raise any issue with us through any of the contact platform.

NLN OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) is an online bibliography of our library collection that is available to the public.

As the apex library in Nigeria, we have an array of bibliography that can be accessed by all.

There are quick links for wider resources for research purposes

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              Online Resources


Nigerian Virtual Library



Ethica: International Journal for Moral Philosophy

Philosophy East and West

American Journal of Archaeology


Highwire Press


Journals of Textual Reasoning

The Reconstructionist

Radical Philosophy Review

Animus : a philosophical journal of our time

BMC Medical Ethics

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

CIOS Database

University of Western Austrial Library

Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy

Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy


Journal of Semitic Studies

Internet Archaeology

KMT: A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt

Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry

Near Eastern Archaeology

Books and Articles Online

Image: Journal of Arts and Religions

Journal for Mill Ennial Studies

Journal of Communication and Religion

African Studies Online

Cross Currents

Empirical Language Research

Nigerian Virtual Library

African e-Journal

Social Science Research Network

EJBRM, Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods

EJKM, Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management

Ephemera Theory of Politics in Organization

Electronic Journal of e-Government


Law of Library Journal (HeinOnline)



Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries

Journal of Information Technology Theory and Applications (JITTA)



Resources for Mechanical Engineering


Free Medical Journal

Pub Med

Free Books for Doctors

Elsevier - Archives of Civil & Mechanical Engineering

DIR.info (Mechanical Engineering)

African e-Journal

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